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Tania was also recognized by Autism Australia in both 2016 and 2015 for her work advancing the field of female Autism and Neurodiversity. She is the Author of “I Am AspienGirl: The Unique Characteristics, Traits, and Gifts of  Females on the Autism Spectrum”, Foreword by Dr. Judith Gould, and “I Am AspienWoman:  The Unique Characteristics, Traits, and Gifts of Adult Females on the Spectrum”, Foreword by Dr. Shana Nichols.

She is a Gold medal winning and best-selling author, a Clinical Psychotherapist, A Consultant and Analyst in Forensic Services and offers crisis management support, resources and assistance to health professionals.

Tania Marshall is a 2015 ASPECT Autism Australia National Recognition Awards Nominee

(Advancement category), a 2015 eLIT gold medal book award winner.

2015 ASPECT Autism Australia National Recognition Awards Nominee in Advancement Category

Tania Marshall has worked in the fields of psychology and mental health for over 25 years (in a variety of roles, environments and contexts), with children, teens and adult with developmental disorders, Autism and related disorders, across the lifespan. She has supported many neurodiverse individuals with Asperger Syndrome/Autism and related conditions. Tania participated in a Doctoral-level pilot in the area of Adult female autism in 2014.

She has practiced in a wide variety of roles over the course of her career (consultant, psychologist, registered psychologist – provisional, educator, trainer, group therapist, and some of her work has included diagnostic assessment impressions, support, intervention, problem-solving sessions, letter, reports and/or consultations via Skype/Zoom or in-person. On her ‘psychologist’ role, Tania was an approved Medicare Registered Provider of Psychology Services, an approved APS Identified Autism Practitioner, a Helping Child With Autism approved provider, a Better Start for Children with a Disability Provider and a trained Secret Agent Society (SAS) Trained Group Facilitator. Currently, Tania divides her time between private practice, her contract work, writing her book series and research. Tania’s work has been translated and/or cited in numerous publications including Sarah Hendrickxs’ recent release entitled “Women and Girls with an Autism Spectrum Disorder” (June, 2015).

Over 30 years ago, Tania volunteered at an out-patient day centre and worked with adults with a variety of conditions, including schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and also what would now be known as adult Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Tania then attended University, receiving her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology. During that time of working on her initial degree, she also was a psychology research assistant (Autism and related developmental conditions and childhood disorders) and spent three summers working at a special needs camp, in the capacity of camp counselor and then as a psychology assistant. She worked with many individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Tania then completed a Masters of Science degree. During her Masters degree training she completed a supervised internship at a Children’s Hospital in the ADHD/Disruptive Behavior Disorder Clinic, where received training an experience in assessing, diagnosing, supporting and providing intervention to children and their families affected by ADHD, Autism and related conditions. During that time she was a recipient of three scholarships and three teaching assistant positions. Her Masters degree involved the completion of 12 courses in addition to an original supervised Masters’ level thesis.

After the completion of her Masters of Science degree (Applied Psychology, Developmental/Educational psychology), she then completed a supervised 18-month post Masters externship (supervised by a Clinical Psychologist) at a private special needs school for children from Grades 1-12, who were “at-risk”, had dropped out of school, been suspended, were in foster care, in contact with the justice system, abused, and/or had a variety of disorders and/or conditions. Some of her duties included: providing diagnostic assessments, psycho-educational assessments, psychological assessments, intervention, support and therapy, family therapy, report writing, stakeholder meetings and visits to hospitals to see students. She supported students of all ages, both genders and their families, all with a wide variety of conditions, learning difficulties and concerns. She worked with many students with Autism or Asperger Syndrome. She worked with females on the Autism Spectrum when very little was known about Autism in females. She also completed an 18-month post-Masters externship in private practice, supervised by a Clinical Psychologist.

Tania attended Dr. Ross Greene’s “The Explosive Child” one-day seminar, briefly meeting him and  discussed children with Autism and related conditions. Tania stands firm in her belief that the vast majority of children want to please their parents…IF they can. If they cannot, it is our job to find out what their lagging skills are and assist them. She is a strengths-based practitioner, assisting others to focus on their strengths whilst being supported with their challenges.

Since then, Tania has worked in private practice, providing a wide variety of assessments and services to people of all ages. She has worked with many thousands of individuals of all ages with varying expressions and sub-types of autism/neurodivergence and conditions/disorders, including personality disorders. A large majority of individuals she has worked with are twice-exceptional, (Gifted and Talented) and Neurodivergent.

Invited to be interviewed about the Secret Agent Society Social Skills Program by the creator, Dr. Renae Beaumont

Tania was one of the first psychologists to detail the Autistic female profile. She had been working with females who appeared to be Autistic, yet did not appear to meet the DSM IV-TR (at that time) criteria. She published her March 2013 blog, which gained International recognition. You may read this here.

She received overwhelmingly positive response and many inquiries from health professionals, researchers, psychiatrists, forensic personnel, parents and family members worldwide. She was pleased to be contacted by a recruitment agency in relation to discussing the unique characteristics and strengths of certain sub-types of Autistic women and provides assistance to them on a contract basis. She was also contacted by a forensic agency in relation to understanding further her profiling work on Autistic females. She has contracted with them ever since and provides consultations/works on a contract basis with/to forensic personnel and intelligence agencies. Some of her work involves trainings in Autistic body language, Autism and Crime, deception detection, body language, social communication, language, psycho-linguistic profiling, micro-expressions and facial affect. She is involved in on-going statement analysis training.

She then wrote two award winning best selling books on the Autistic female profile in children/teens and in adults. Tania wrote and published her first book in a series on Asperger Syndrome and Autism in girls and women, June 2014. It became a #1 best-seller in 3 categories as an e-book and is available in paperback and hardcover editions on Amazon.com

Tania’s first book explores the unique characteristics, traits, strengths and challenges of young girls and teens with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism, in a highly visual and strengths-based positive way.

I Am AspienGirl, #1 Best Seller

The Spanish translation of “I am AspienGirl”, entitled “SOY Aspiengirl:  Las características, rasgos y talentos únicos de las niñas y mujeres en el Espectro Autista” , is now in Pre-press and available shortly at http://www.aspiengirl.com/spanish, translation by Professora Carolina Rodriguez

Soy AspienGirl front
SOY Aspiengirl: Las características, rasgos  y talentos únicos de las niñas y mujeres en el Espectro Autista, translated by Profesor Carolina Rodriguez, 2015
Soy AspienGirl back cover
SOY Aspiengirl: Las características, rasgos y talentos únicos de las niñas y mujeres en el Espectro Autista, translated by Profesor Carolina Rodriguez, 2015

Further translations are in production.

The sequel to Tania’s best-selling book, entitled “I Am AspienWoman: The Unique Characteristics, Traits and Gifts of Adult Females on the Autism, Spectrum”,


Foreword by Dr. Shana Nichols, continues on where “I Am AspienGirl” left off, including a large Mentor section lead by Dr. Temple Grandin.

Tania is now writing her third book entitled “AspienPowers: The Unique Constellation of Strengths, Talents, and Gifts of Females on the Autism Spectrum” and released mid-2017

Tania has received many requests for a “boy” version of I am AspienGirl and is now writing I Am AspienBoy.

Tania’s fifth book is entitled Behind The Mask: The Narratives of Females on the Autism Spectrum, Coming late 2015

Model: Samantha Tomlin, Photo: Ardent Studios

Behind the Mask: The Narratives of Females on the Autism Spectrum, by Tania A. Marshall. Model: Samantha Tomlin, Photo: Ardent Studios

The Highlights of Tania’s professional career to date include meeting and talking one on one with Professor Temple Grandin, the honour of interviewing Professor Uta Frith, Dr Judith Gould providing the Foreword for her first book, “I Am AspienGirl”, Dr. Shana Nichols providing the Foreward for “I Am AspienWoman” and testimonials by Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Francesca Happe and Dr. Shana Nichols. In addition, Tania is proud to be honoured with nominee recognition awards by ASPECT Autism Australia from 2019, 2016 and 2015.

Photo of Professor Uta Frith and her grand-daughter, provided for an interview with Tania Marshall

Tania regularly attends professional development training in person or via Internet on-line conferences by a variety of Autism and related conditions world experts, some of which have included Dr. Jacqui Roberts, Dr. Tony Attwood, Dr. Ross Greene, Dr. Simon Baron Cohen, Dr. Francesca Happe, Dr. Isabelle Henault and Dr. Temple Grandin.

Tania attends on-going professional development, whether that be seminars, workshops in-person or presentations/workshops online. She attended a one-day seminar by the Autism Centre of Excellence, Autism Seminar Series – 2, April 2013, at Griffith University, whose presenters included Professor Tony Attwood, Rachel Harris, and Professor Jacqueline Roberts
(Making school work for girls on the autism spectrum, outlining a project in Far North Queensland working with school communities to improve outcomes for students on the autism spectrum).

Tania also attends numerous on-line presentations, conferences, and workshops pertaining to Autism. For example, “What we do, don’t and must know about Autism Spectrum Conditions” and “SFARI Webinar: Francesca Happe presents ‘fractionated triad’ model”, The erosion of empathy: Simon Baron-Cohen at TEDx.

Meeting Dr. Temple Grandin, a highlight of my career

Dr. Temple Grandin and Tania Marshall recently discussed the DSM5 changes, Asperger Syndrome, torrenting her movie starring Clare Danes and careers/work for individuals with Autism. Temple Grandin is an American doctor of animal science and professor at Colorado State University, bestselling author, autism activist, and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior.

Tania provides assessment services, interventions, and support to individuals across the lifespan from a variety of countries. She has practiced in both Canada and Australia, providing services to individuals and families affected by Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Giftedness and genius, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, high sensitivity, learning disabilities and elite athletes/performers. Tania also provides diagnostic impressions assessments, intervention, and support in her private practice and/or via Skype and works with professionals from a variety of areas, including medical doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, counselors, guidance officers and psychologists.

Tony and Tania1 Tania Marshall attended Dr. Tony Attwood’s workshop training on Female Asperger Syndrome/Autism

Tania attended the NOVA pathways to employment seminar, where she was privileged to meet a number of the following amazing people.

Berinda and tania
Berinda Karp and Tania Marshall at the Nova Employment Conference 2013.
julie peterson Embracing the Other Half Psychology Clinic (ETOH) Dr Julie Peterson (Clinic Director) and Tania Marshall

Embracing the Other Half Psychology Clinic (ETOH) Dr Julie Peterson (Clinic Director) and I.

Tania Marshall and Kathy Lette, one of the funniest women I have ever met.

Tania Marshall and Kathy Lette recently met at the “up close and personal” luncheon hosted by Nova Employment in benefit of the Asperger Centre. The attendees enjoyed a five-star meal at the Epping Club, whilst hearing from inspirational guest speakers and best-selling authors Professor Temple Grandin and Kathy Lette. Temple Grandin’s latest book is called “The Autistic Brain” and Kathy Lette is an Australian author who has written a number of bestselling books including “Puberty Blues” and “The Boy who Fell to Earth”.

photo (23)
Best-Selling Author Kathy Hoopman and Tania Marshall

Best-Selling Author Kathy Hoopman and Tania Marshall recently met to discuss Asperger Syndrome, her fabulous book series, and the female profile of Aspergers. Kathy’s most popular books include:
All Cats Have Asperger’s
All Dogs Have ADHD
Inside Asperger’s Looking Out

photo (27)
Tania highly recommends the use of animals in therapy and psychology clinics

Tania highly recommends the use of Autism-assistance dogs in her work with particular clients and finds that Autism service dogs are well-trained and proficient in helping their handlers process sensory information. Many autism service dogs are trained in work/obstacle avoidance (similar to a guide dog) to help the handler with visual stimuli.
Some of Tania’s clients bring in their own animals (dogs, cats, and guinea pigs) into the session. Tania also has her own Labrador retriever which she uses with her child and adult clients.

Autism Service Dogs are Trained to Respond to Certain Behaviors:
For example,

In Self-stimulation behaviors, the dog handler may choose to signal the dog to help the child stop a certain behavior
In self-harming behaviors, the dog is trained to interrupt and stop the behavior
In cases of overstimulation/meltdown/shutdown, the dog has been trained to utilize a variety of deep pressure tasks including stepping on feet, putting paws on lap, or laying on the handler
In cases of poor balance/motor control, the dog is trained to counterbalance and/or brace for stability
In cases of disorientation, the dog is trained to find the car, go home, and/or find other specified places
In cases of auditory processing problems, the dog is trained to alert the handler to important sounds
In cases of Visual processing problems, the dog helps by guide work and/or steering/directing the handler around obstacles

Tania is also writing a series of books and maintains her blog of her own free time. Due to time commitments, Tania is only available for fee-for-services appointments/inquiries which can be made by contacting her personal assistant at admin@aspiengirl.com

TM_057 copy
An AspienGirl Book Series Media Headshot

Tania divides her time between her research, writing and her busy private practice. She supports individuals with the following: giftedness, twice-exceptional, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, highly sensitive people (HSP), Asperger Syndrome, Autism and other related conditions, ADHD, self-esteem and resilience training, identity and gender identity issues, bullying issues, educational assessment, intelligence assessments, psychological assessments, positive psychology, school advocacy, adjustment disorders, behavioural Disorders and difficulties, developmental disorders, diagnostic assessment, learning and cognitive Assessments, family relational difficulties, grief and loss, parent effectiveness training, sleep disorders, social and peer difficulties, social skills building and training.

Tania has completed a series of interviews, which include:

  1. Professor Uta Frith discusses her career, autism , theory of mind, her research , her students and more
  2. Former model, singer and psychology student Maja Toudal
  3. Director Rich Everts of the United States of Autism Movie
  4. Lynn Marshall, Canadian ParaOlympic Developmental Coach
  5. Director and Actress Olley Edwards, who just completed her first movie and first book on female Asperger Syndrome
  6. Best-Selling Author Kathy Hoopman
  7. World Champion Kickboxer Jo Redman
  8. Professional entertainer Chou Chou Scantlin
  9. Actress Honey Parker
  10. Author Jeanette Purkis
  11. Brandy Nightingale
  12. MarsOne Project Applicant, Actress, Directer, Model Sybelle SilverPheonix
  13. Psychology student, Model, Singer Maja Toudal
  14. Musician, singer and Song Writer Maja Nillson
  15. Musician and Violinist Lydia Tay

I am Aspiengirl,  I am Aspienwoman books can be purchased from Amazon.

Tania can be contacted at aspiengirl@gmail.com

30 thoughts on “About Tania

  1. Hi Summer, thank-you for your message. Many aspiengirls are highly gifted and quirkiness can certainly be dismissed as only giftedness. There are gifted people without Aspergers. IT would seem more likely that your daughter may also be on the Spectrum, as you mentioned that your son has been informally diagnosed. Is there Asperger Syndrome elsewhere in your family history? Something for you to think about. As for specialists where you are, have you tried your local Autism Society?

    1. Thank you so much, Dr. Marshall. I’ve put a call in to my daughter’s counselor to set up a neuro-psyche eval. It’s been a long, frustrating journey, but I’m confident we’ll finally meet a good end.

      I’m wondering if you could possibly remove my comment from your site? I didn’t realize that my comment was going to be posted right to the site. I was trying to email you personally.

      Thank you again, so very much. Your website is the first one I’ve found that really helps our situation.


      1. Hi Summer, please don’t give up. Unfortunately, until resources, research and more professional specialised in this field, it will continue to be a battle. I have removed your comment and I wish you all the best. I can be reached at tania_marshall@hotmail.com for services. Thank-you for you kind words.

  2. Just wanted to say I think it is fantastic that you are specializing in Autistic/Aspergers females – we are such an overlooked group. I’m not formally diagnosed (yet) but my son, almost 6, was diagnosed last October. I have always thought he was so “like” me. Upon researching Aspergers (my “special interests” are medical conditions) I recognized myself in the few lists of female manifestations of AS that I found. It was a profound moment for me – so many things now make sense. I always knew something was different – sensory issues, meltdowns, odd social skills that my parents just minimized and insisted were all in my head. Thank you for not only helping with awareness, but also for helping women like me.

    1. Hello Nat, thank-you so much for your kind words and comments. Your special interests would make you a great doctor! I am so pleased to be able to help you and other females.

  3. Hello, Tanya, I’m honored to have come across you. As a therapist specializing in working with adults with Aspergers, I find your research based viewpoint to be incredibly helpful. Thank you for the work you do!

    1. Hello Steve, thank-you for your messsage and great to hear from another professional working in this area. It’s incredibly important. I am happy to help. Thank-you!

  4. Hi! Thank you for your wonderful blog. I am a 30 year old female who was diagnosed a couple of months ago with Aspergers. In the process of being diagnosed I went through many of your blogs, and you helped me get through the initial shock VERY quickly. I was diagnosed because I went to get tested for ADD because I was having trouble in certain aspects of school. Mi have done countless research on the subject of adult women with Aspergers. I realize that even thought was only recently diagnosed, I have spent my whole life fighting against it. I decided to start my own blog on the subject as a way to make available more resources. I am also a lesbian in a committed relationship. I would like to invite you to follow my blog. If you want to, of course :).

    1. Hello lesperger and thankyou so much for your message. I am pleased that you found my blogs helpful in your diagnostic assessment. I hope it help the many others all over teh world that we are now becoming aware of. This is such a new area, in terms of the female profile. Thank-you for inviting me to your blog and I will certainly take a look at it. Congratulations – you have Aspergers:-). I wish you all the best.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this information. I didn’t realise that Griffith Uni had an Autism program – I am finishing off a social work degree through them at the moment. I am currently in the process of pursuing an Asperger’s assessment in Sydney. An acquaintance of mine, who has Asperger’s, noticed that we shared a lot of qualities and recommended Steven Den-Kaat (back in 2010). I didn’t pursue an assessment at that time for personal reasons. However, reading up on Autism/Asperger’s, particularly female traits of Asperger’s, recently has made me reconsider because I have a lot of those characteristics. Although I have experienced a lot of adversities in life I have also experienced a lot of the challenges that go hand-in-hand with Asperger’s.

  6. Hi Tania, I am interested in finding out if I have Aspergers. How does the diagnosis process work? Can I work with you? I live in the US in Colorado. In fact, my home town is Fort Collins where Temple Grandin lives and works. I look forward to your reply.

    Jennifer Spencer

  7. Hi Dr. Marshall, finding your blog has been both horrifying and liberating. I’m certainly convinced that I have Asperger’s or some form or HFA and was wondering if you’ve ever found any link between aspergers/autism and migraines/headaches. I have suffered awful headaches for as long as I can remember and only am just now starting to think I may have aspergers but the more I read about it, the more it seems there is a definite connection between the two.

  8. Dear Dr. Marshall, thank you for the work you’re doing and having this website about women, by a woman. I was dx with schizoid personality in the ’70s at age 20, and re-dx 5 years ago with Asperger’s when my daughter was dx with high functioning autism & GID. It was traumatizing, but a huge weight was lifted, now I can be myself & I don’t have to try so hard, & I raise my daughter to be herself instead of conforming to sexist standards of behavior. Knowing about me, helps me to be her life/social skills coach so she can have a very different life than I did. In the US there doesn’t seem to be much on GID/Asperger’s, we’re on our own, at least in my town, haven’t ever met many other women or girls, either. So thanks again, I will share your site with my daughter (age 16).

  9. Your article has just helped me to realise what has been the matter with me all my life. I’m 51 and my 17 year old daughter has Aspergers too, so it’s through searching initially for her that I am now reflecting on my own experiences. I’m in therapy at the moment and have a DID diagnosis but reading this I can see that the two are linked. Help!

  10. Thank you for your excellent work! As I have researched female ASD, attempting to help my daughter, I began to realize that the apple of my eye didn’t fall far from the tree… At 58, with a pretty wrecked career, your AspienWoman list was a serious wake up call, or as my daughter noted, it would be easier to just cross off the few that DON’T apply.

    I have often had to tell my daughter, when she asked me how to ‘fix’ her social awkwardness/anxiety, I have honestly had to tell her “You’re asking the wrong person because I never figured that one out myself”. It doesn’t change the past, but it does provide perspective, and a greater degree of self-tolerance. It has been frustrating me for my entire life… in some ways, i am freaking brilliant – but i can’t get it out in any coherent order, and my social skills (for networking, etc) are just gawd-awful!

    I managed to complete a Ph.D. but also managed to get ‘blackballed’ –probably over the infamous lack of social skills– and I have never trusted it since. I may have to re-think that.

    Again, thanks for your work!

  11. Dr Marshall, I am currently in my second year of my Masters in Applied Disability Studies and am applying for the PhD program. I have asperger’s. Can you please give me some areas of study that I can focus on in my PhD that are currently lacking in regard to women with Asperger’s? I would greatly appreciate your help. You can reach me at healing_yourself@hotmail.com. My name is Gina. I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I am in the process of applying as we speak. I hope this finds you well. Gina

  12. Dear Tania,

    I am the mother of a twice-exceptional 9 yo little girl (verbally gifted and autistic) that also suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. She was not diagnosed until she was 8 and a half. What are your thoughts on ABA-type therapies for twice-exceptional children at this age that also have anxiety? I have been hesitant to go with this approach because she seems so vulnerable and prior to diagnosis became suicidal. The suicide ideation has subsided but it was a long road back from that fixation. Thank you for any advice you can provide. Melody

  13. Hello
    My name is Taisa, I’n brazilian and I’m 28. I arrived here after seeing a video about Asperger in girls. So a read the definition you wrote about this condition in women, and I’m finding out that most of the characteristics that are showed at the aspiengirl’s site are just like mine. I understand that this first step to get to the diagnosis is the recognizing that something is atypical. But I see that, in the country that I live in, there are no professionals especialized in autistic women. How can I find an evaluation, so? I’m confused about that. Sorry about the bad english and thanks for all the infos. Taisa.

  14. Hi Tania
    I have been trying to reach you re a Skype assessment and initial appt for my daughter and myself
    Could you please email me as I’m getting bounce back when I try to reach you


  15. Hello Tania, Could you please let me know what is involved with performing a diagnosis and is it possible to talk with you?

    Thank you for your time.

  16. Hi Tania,
    I enjoyed your book “I am aspian woman” and came to see you for a few sessions in 2015.
    Since then I recognise that I am a Highly Sensitive Person ,(HSP ) as described in the book by Dr. Elaine Arron and her study that 20% of the population are HSP. And although I am possibly on the spectrum I am probably not an Aspie because at the time I saw you I was struggling with complex PTSD from being hospitalized.
    I am so glad that I came to see you for some sessions though as I reflect on them over the past few years and it has helped me to understand some of my communication problems as I have selective mutism. Usually no one notices because I don’t surround myself with alot of people. But at the time I came to see you I was traumatised by being in hospital. You were so caring and patient with me as I tried to peice everything together in language that was coherent whilst grappling with a host of diagnoses, none of which really seemed to fit
    I am much more aware of my own boundaries, needs, and not living on my defense’s so much and very very much kinder to myself and my sensitivity, even when the world outside feels insensitive and too loud and bright.

    Thanks Tania

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