Be Your Own Superhero with AspienGIRL™ Coming Soon!


AspienGIRL™ and her crew, from Planet Aspien™, are a revolution. Aspiengirl and Aspienwoman are an identity, a place, a group, a unique tribe.
A revolution designed and determined to change language; to change how girls and women with Asperger Syndrome are viewed and to give Aspiens everywhere a sense of hope and empowerment. Planet Aspien™ is an other-worldly place, a place that disseminates information about the female profile, about positive traits, about Aspienpowers©, offering strength-based advice, tips, resources, support and interventions across the lifespan. AspienGIRL™ even writes books!

AspienGIRL™ and her team promote the positive characteristics, abilities, talents and strengths of girls and Women with Asperger Syndrome or Autism. Her mission is to teach inhabitants of Planet Earth about the Superpowers of Aspiengirls™, with a little humour thrown in there too! Our view is that Aspiens™ are not better than NT’s or vice versa. We just have different operating systems!

I Am AspienGIRL™ is a truthseeker, knowledge craver, sensitive introvert, with superpowers galore. Offering advice, support, FAQ Q and A’s on female traits. From Planet Aspien™, I AM. Go AspienGIRLS™ everywhere!

AspienGIRL’S™ first two books, available individually or as a set, are due for release in December, 2013.

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One thought on “Be Your Own Superhero with AspienGIRL™ Coming Soon!

  1. I am 65, heading to 66. Just in the last 3-4 months found myself as an AspienGIRL. It explains so much and is such a relief and validating for me. What I’ve seen here tonight is the best and most comprehensive writing of my own life! I don’t think I could have written it as well, but have said many of the same things in one way or another at different times. I look forward to your books, and will be heading to your Facebook page. Thank You!

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