Sneak-A-Peek of I am AspienGirl: The unique characteristics of young females on the Autism Spectrum

Sneak-A-Peek of my first book, I am AspienGirl: The unique characteristics of young females on the Autism Spectrum. Check it out:-)


“Although people told me I was “different” from birth, I didn’t fully understand what they meant. The word I would use is ‘unique'” ~ Teenage Aspiengirl

“She is often described by others as an ‘old soul’ and often others tell me she has been here before. People have referred to her as different, odd, quirky, unique … even from another planet.” ~ Mother of 8 year old Aspiengirl

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I am AspienWoman: The unique characteristics of adult females on the Autism Spectrum, coming  January, 2014
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    1. Tania A. Marshall, M.Sc., Clinical Psychotherapist and Trainer/Presenter – Tania A. Marshall is a three-time ASPECT Autism Australia National Recognition Awards Nominee (Advancement category), a best-selling and award-winning author, 2019, 2016 & 2015 Gold Medal Award Winning Author, 2017-2015 Autism Australia National Recognition Nominee, Presenter and clinical psychotherapist, neurodivergent consultant and freelance writer. Tania is the author of the IPPY eLIT Gold medal best-selling books 'I am AspienWoman: The Unique Characteristics, Traits and Gifts of Adult Females on the Autism Spectrum' (2015) and 'I am AspienGirl: The Unique Characteristics, Traits and Gifts of Young Females on the Autism Spectrum' (2014), available at She currently works in private practice. She is a clinical psychotherapist, having worked in the area of psychology, Autism and related conditions, gifted and talented individuals, twice-exceptionality (2e), sensory processing disorder and other conditions, for over 30 years. She provides diagnostic assessments and intervention and support to individuals of all ages, as an important part of treatment planning. She writes about Asperger Syndrome, psychology, female Autism, neurodiversity, highly sensitive people (HSP's), introversion and giftedness/genius/2e individuals. Her current interests and involvement include: Crime and Autism, psychology, Personality Disorders, Camouflaging, Microexpressions, Body Language, Statement Analysis/forensics, and trauma. She is trained in EMDR, CBT, DBT, and ACT. Tania has a Masters of Science degree in Applied Psychology/Developmental Psychology, including authoring an original Masters thesis (psychology of trauma) and a post-Masters 18-month full-time post externship in a special needs private school for children ages K-12 and private practice, under the supervision of a Clinical Psychologist. She currently divides her professional time between private practice, writing and research. For all inquiries regarding Skype/Zoom assessments, consultations, presentations, book interviews and/or book translations, contract work, research collaborations, she can be contacted at For more information go to: Vimeo Facebook: @taniamarshallauthor Twitter: @TaniaAMarshall Instagram: @taniaamarshall
      taniaannmarshall says:

      Hello Sarah, Congratulations. You probably have quite a few answers to your questions:-)

      1. Hi,

        Yes I did (in terms of re-framing my experiences). It came at an interesting time too, I was on my final placement for post-grad social work studies.

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