Young Female Autism: Commonly Observed Characteristics, Traits and Gifts

Commonly Observed Characteristics, Traits and Gifts of Young girls and Teens with Autism Spectrum Conditions

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Tania A. Marshall is a 2015 ASPECT Autism Australia National Recognition Award Nominee (Advancement Category) for her work in advancing the field of female autism. Her first book was recently awarded a 2015 eLIT Independent Publishers IPPY Gold Medal Award. Tania is available to provide assessment, diagnostic impressions, referrals, intervention, problem solving and/or support in person or via Skype or other means. She is also available for interviews and presentations and can be contacted at

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    Just wondering if the Appendix graphics on this email were intended to be legible? Because, unfortunately, they are not (even when exported and magnified in a graphics handling package). Nor can I find them on your blog; only the cover shot link works, and that only takes us to a dedicated WordPress single graphic page without further links available there.

    I am very interested to read the appendix list and most likely to base my purchase decision on its content.



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