The Dark triad, as spoken about in my Dark Triad Vimeo series, are very dangerous people. There are those that have narcissistic traits and then there are those who have full blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Many of them are in very high places pertaining to work and some have been caught for stalking, sexual abuse or worse.

The trait of smearing is often used by people with Narcissistic traits. If you have ever been mobbed, had your reputation smeared, been gossiped about, online or offline, you are dealing with someone on the Dark Triad. This can include those with Asperger Syndrome and a personality disorder, due to their perceived high sense of justice and a lack of understanding that the situation is none of their business, a lack of understanding of the situation and becoming engaged in smear campaigns against other people. In particular, the love of control is always present.
Narcissist use smear campaigns often. The function of a smear campaign is to give the Narcissist power and control over you. Narcissists keep groups, harems or a group of people who are all unknown to each other out of the need to have their egos stroked, constant validation from the outside world, and for the admiration that the group will give them. This serves to confirm their grandiose sense of self-importance and fulfills their egos. They are often clever chameleons who are also people-pleasers, and use their powers of ‘morphing’ into any personality type that will get their needs met. They morph into a variety of different people to get what they want.

RED FLAG AND TIP: Be wary of people who appear to morph or shape-shift suddenly before your eyes into different personas. Why is this a problem? Because this person is not being authentic in their interactions with you and others. If you witness them smearing them, you bet that they will smear you at some point in the future. They usually do this in the ‘discard’ phase. They do it to ensure that other people see you how they want them to se you, to control the situation and to ensure that you look like the ‘unstable’ person, with them lookin like they are the calm and in control person. The narcissist is very good at getting empaths, highly sensitive people people-pleasers and socially naive people to believe there stories and lies about you. With you and several other on their side, they have more power and support in making you look bad. While you are now viewed as the unstable one, with a huge following of socially naive, people-pleasing, dependent highly sensitive empaths (who are being used), the smear campaign is them accomplished. Others unquestioningly believe the Narcissist.

First of all you were highly valued and put on a pedestal. Not long after be prepared to be devalued, gossiped about and/or mobbed online, stalked and a vicious smear campaign shall follow. The narcissist relied oh his or her groupie to help him/her in their smear campaign.

For the narcissist, the smear campaign is used to accomplish many things:

1) you are depicted as the abuser or unstable person, instead of him/her. The smear campaign is a deflection of your true and accurate accusations of narcissistic abuse;

2) smearing and gaslighting is an excellent tactic to get you to be provoked into a behavior, usually unproductive, and thus serves as proof of just how unstable or sick you are to others when the narcissist tries to argue his or her depiction of you;

3) keeps you from receiving any accolades, positive support or even recognition ot awards for your word, because the narcissist cannot stand any ‘competition’. They are the ‘expert’ and no-one else is allowed to write, talk, educate about a particular topic

4) they will intentionally leave you out and when you ask them what you did wrong, they will only answer the question by disagreeing with you. Make no mistake, they rarely cam answer your questions, often reverting to a ‘word salad’ of nonsense in their answers

5) Narcissists love to use the ‘hoovering’ technique, a strategy they use in order to pull you back into the trauma and dysfunctionality of the relationship as you (the normal person) struggle to reconcile the rumors, gossip or worse about you, with who you actually really are by speaking out against the Narcissists accusations.

6) Narcissists LOVE control and will do anything to get it and keep it. Some examples are making up fake Facebook pages in your name and tearing you down deliberately, controlling the group by supporting their work and not yours, calling and contacting your co-workers and gossiping about you (all made up), being unwilling to talk to you about why they have been discarded, whether that be in work, at home or within your family structure.

The only way to not get pulled into their dysfunctional tactics are by going full no contact with the Narcissist and his/her groups/cult or harem. Remember if you have a friend that gossips, one day you will be targeted next!

Boundaries are a clear RED FLAG!

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