Where are all the females with Autism or Aspergers hiding? Life As a Chameleon Part I

In order to assist with females and males obtaining an assessment or diagnosis, I am pre-releasing a part of my book to assist professionals in recognizing Autistic females and males by asking the right questions.

Just in! Videos: FAQ style, Educational, Instructional, Interviews and more.

Just in! Videos, FAQ's style and more Tania has been requested multiple times to share her work over her lengthy career, give her opinion or support a person or organization. She is now sharing her work via Video FAQ's or videos, from various individuals or organizations and conferences including the Secret Agent Society, Different Brains, … Continue reading Just in! Videos: FAQ style, Educational, Instructional, Interviews and more.

On the bright end of the Spectrum and the female Autism crisis

On the Bright end of the Autism Spectrum and the female Autism Crisis: How and Why Do Bright Autistic Females fly under Professional Radar? Female Autism is a new and complex area of research with information in this area of Autism growing exponentially. Both empirical studies and qualitative differences are starting to show show that … Continue reading On the bright end of the Spectrum and the female Autism crisis

I Am AspienWoman now on Amazon USA!

I Am AspienWoman, Foreword by Dr. Shana Nichols, and fabulous Mentor section headed by Dr. Temple Grandin is finally here on Amazon USA! It debuted at #39 (Disabilities) and #41 (Autism and Asperger Syndrome) To find I Am AspienWoman on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/AspienWoman-Unique-Characteristics-Females-Spectrum/dp/0992360943/ref=zg_bs_282950_44 The book is also available at http://www.aspiengirl.com For more information on female Autism … Continue reading I Am AspienWoman now on Amazon USA!

24 Inspiring and Motivational Autistic Women and Positive Role Models

I Am AspienWoman is a highly visual book describing the newly emerging Autistic female phenotype in over 300 pages and features 24 inspirational and motivating Autistic Woman who serve as positive role models, showcasing ability and possibility. This section is headed up by none other than Dr. Temple Grandin, whose strengths based positive approach I admire. The mentors come from countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Denmark and were chosen for their positive strengths based attitude, their personal abilities and their passion for advocating for Autism and/or helping others. Here is a snapshot of the Mentor section.

Aspienwomen: Moving towards an Adult Female Profile of Autism/Asperger Syndrome/Neurodivergence

This blog is now my 2nd book entitled I am Aspienwoman, an IPPY eLIT Gold medal award winning and bestselling book, available at http://www.aspiengirl.com, Amazon or other fine bookstores