Sample chapter of I Am AspienWoman: The Unique Characteristics, Traits and Gifts of Adult Females on the Autism Spectrum


Drawing from years of practitioner experience, Tania Marshall takes you inside the world of adult females with Autism or Asperger Syndrome. Using a highly visual format, this book combines powerful imagery and an insiders own words to showcase the complex profile of females with an Autism Spectrum condition. Included is a large Mentor section of positive and powerful women headed by Dr. Temple Grandin. Each woman discuss their strengths, their careers and provide important and helpful advice for women on the Spectrum. The focus of this book is on the female phenotype. Available in eBook, paperback and a special edition hardcover version, approximately August 2015. Pre order now at


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For more information about female Autism go to or view the Free sfari webinar entitled The Female Autism Conundrum on gender bias at:

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Behind the Mask is a book for professionals and explores the themes of a large group of females across the lifespan. Drawing from years of practitioner experience, Tania Marshall takes you inside the world of females with Autism or Asperger Syndrome. Using a combination of academic research and autobiographical accounts, this books explores the female phenotype. More specifically, the who, how, why, when and where of a large group of females who utilize a variety of strategies and abilities to hide their Autism. Masking strategies, social echolalia and chameleon abilities are discussed. The advantages and disadvantages of these strategies are discussed.

Chapters discuss particular non-verbal and verbal characteristics to look for, particular questions to ask, and include helpful modifications to practitioners offices or clinics and professional approach.

Available in eBook, paperback and a special edition hardcover versions, 2016, at

Cover by Ardent Studios and Model Samantha Tomlin

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5 thoughts on “Sample chapter of I Am AspienWoman: The Unique Characteristics, Traits and Gifts of Adult Females on the Autism Spectrum

  1. Hi Tania

    Don’t forget to send me a copy to review for you! Also you’d asked me to be involved in the book someway on the mentor pages but I heard nothing more?

    I’m happy to give a quote to be used in any future books on my personal journey.

    Kind Regards,

    Maxine Groves


  2. Hi Tania
    I just read the sample chapter of aspien woman ! Omg it’s me on every single page ! I want to send it to my mum and Both Of my daughters . I actually found the link to the sample ch thru another condition I have “hyper mobility “. Can you please mention this in your book. Not many people are aware of this condition and it is as I get older …… very debilitating. I am currently contemplating surgery for a chronic rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder . It was caused by trauma from a student jumping on me.
    I read constantly everything every where I’m a consumer of information it’s like I eat it . I really enjoy information of most kinds except maybe algebra . I’d like to understand it but I just don’t get it ! Maths for me was easy until I was shown quisenaire rods in about 1964 . They really did my head in ! Screwed my maths forever until I was 38 at uni studying teaching . Between my tutor and I we figured I was brilliant at maths and my failing was what I was told and eventually believed ” I can’t do maths very well ” ! I’m very good at maths now.
    I can’t tolerate violence of any kind hence I have a Football free TV but I love the Bunnies ! Go Souths ! Lolol . They were the first team I ever watched , it was the 60s a grand final against st George and they were the underdogs . I have never been able to watch horror movies, as a kid I’d run out of the room and then the other kids would get annoyed cause the adults would come in a make them change the channel.
    I’m into fashion, my own style . My clothes are often my own design or a redesign of something else . I sew crochet knit weave , if it is craft I have done it at some stage in my life. I can embroider freehand anything I imagine, I can create a copy of anything I see.
    My specialty is solving problems … I just can and I know stuff about others that I shouldn’t . I’m gifted psychically , I see hear smell feel spirit all the time . And i can talk to the souls of babies up to about 3/4 yrs old they’ look at me and we talk without words . This started when I was a kid at 6 I remember distinctly asking my new born sister how was god and what did he look like. And now I do it with all the babies I meet . With all the babies in my family , when I can without fuss I take them away to a quite place and I talk with them and ask about god. I tell them how great they are. I do this with children I meet aswell when ever I can . I especially remind them how great they are . I tell their parents how wonderful their child is.
    With being able to solve all,kinds of problems my friends take me along with them to buy houses cause I can spot problems aswell . My eye for detail is amazing to others but just the norm for me.
    My straight forward honesty is appreciated by my closest friends but not always by others. Sometimes it’s like my brain has turrets and just can’t stop talking .
    I have overcome alcoholism and addiction and eating disorders. I’m clean over twenty years and sober for 15 years this September . I was sexually a used as a child by a close family member . I sought therapy for this trauma and stumped into CBT and gestalt therapy . These I have discovered are what I would have been sent to had anybody ever diagnosed my ASD. I became an animal technician , vet nurse , zoo keeper . As a child I was always befriending animals and was given a dog when I was two. As a young woman I constantly surprised my ex husband with stray animals and he constantly gave them away or just dumped them ( I found out later) .
    My interests in children and the environment drove me to become a mature age u in student at at 36 . I took 6 yrs to complete a teaching degree at a partime rate as I had two daughters and a mortgage and three partime jobs. Any work I ever did had to fit around my kids , and later on my uni. I graduated in 2000’adnbefsn my yptesching career . I did very well inal aspects of teaching except in the staff room . I knew I didn’t fit . I stood out like a pimple on the backside of humanity ! That part was horrifying . But I loved teaching and I was employed permanently in 2008 after four years with the dept of ed in NSW . I was bullied often and usually by principals and deputies . It was my permanent app that was to become the end of my career as I knew it in 2010. From almost the day I arrived at my perm school I was marked out by the principal and the deputy for extra special treatment . These two entities pushed me to the point of suicide. If it wasn’t for my AA fellowship and the loving support of my my mum and girls , colleagues and friends I would have done myself in . I am in the process of suing the dept. I’m hoping for a perm pension for life on the salary I would have attained had I stayed in the profession . That was 2010’… For the last nine years I’ve been to hell and back . I had a complete nervous breakdown and two years ago started to climb out of the long dark tunnel of depression and suicidal thoughts. I started to ask questions and slowly have begun to put myself back together .
    I have other quirky interests in sports cars and motor bikes. I own a red MGB 1970 model mark 2 convertible that is called primrose I love her . My next adventure involves learning to ride a motor scooter and to play the uke . My sense of social justice is extremely high and I an be quite extreme in my actions to defend others. My techniques for teaching children how to get along are unique and very effective .
    In the putting back together I’ve been disgnosed with critical PTSD , ADHD and ASD . I have medication now and that makes a huge difference .
    Autism has a long history in my family , my mums brother was not diagnosed till his later years at 72 . We had always known he was a bit slow , weird , etc but we loved him anyway and accepted him as he was. We were always close and In his later years more so. I looked after him for a period until it was very obvious that his dementia was really claiming him . I knew this was coming and I had spent lots of time investigating places for him . It had to be the best , he had worked hard all his life and he had created a small amount of wealth . I intended for it to be used to make him as happy as was possible cause I did sense he didn’t have a long time left. In this I was right …. sadly … He lasted four years . I loved visiting him, playing draughts, calling him a cheat , and watching him smile, handing him magazines to read and in 5 mins he’d hand it back and I’d choose another and he’d do the same again. I considered it a priveledge and Ann honour to Look after him and make the last part of his life as loved and easy as possible. By the time we had his diagnosis dementia had taken over . But he never ever forgot our names. He knew who we were right up to the end.

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