Plagiarism, Copyright and making money off others


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I love to share my work. I love to help others. I even allow others to use my work if they credit me or ask me first, but what I don’t like is a blatant infringement of mine of other authors copywritten material. It has been brought to my attention many times over the years about different people, groups and individuals have been blatantly scraping my work from my websiteS and putting it on theirs without asking me or crediting me. If you have done so, you will be contacted and if you do now remove my copywritten material, sent a cease and desist letter and/or further legal action and be listed here:

  1. HEALTHY GOSSIP ONLINE Nazish Shokat who supposedly is a health coach. I don’t think so. If you are going to steal people hard work, at the bare bare minimum, approach them and ask them if you can report and if they agree to usage, credit them.

This website has stolen many other people work and is most probably using it to make a bit of money, since it was recently developed, with the majority of the blogs scraped and stolen from various health websites.

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